Summer dress, Maxi dress, Summer style, White House Black Market Dress,Summer dress in September

Summer Dress and White Pants in September

September 24, 2017

Digging Deep for Summer

This past week in the South Bay of CA, the weather was so beautiful. Every morning and evening there was a distinct chill in the air. The daytime temperatures were comfortable enough for a long sleeve shirt some days even a light sweater or jacket. I was pretty happy because this time of year is typically Santa Ana season. Santa Ana season typically brings unreasonably high temperatures, did it say unreasonably? I meant unseasonably. Last year during this time of the year temperatures were hitting 99 degrees on some days, yes in September.

I am waiting impatiently for Fall to really arrive here in CA, but I guess as, in years past, I have to wait until after Halloween.

Finding the Bright Side

There’s always a bright side when it comes to fashion! I realized that the warm weather gives me a chance to wear some of my late summer purchases. Some of which I have only worn once or twice.

WHBM Summer Dress

Summer dress, Maxi dress, Summer style, White House Black Market Dress,Summer dress in September

I eyed this summer dress at White House Black Market for quite some time. I hesitated on purchasing it because of some of the reviews. Some people said that I didn’t cover their boobs at all. What I have learned about online reviews is that they are highly subjective. Sometimes they are very helpful and sometimes not so much. When I finally went into the store to try it on I was pleasantly surprised! It fit and fit very nicely I might add. The cut was perfect for me. It did show a little more than I am used to but it wasn’t a deal breaker. And the length was perfect which is a huge deal for shorties like me. When purchasing pretty much anything we always have to factor in the cost of alterations. Which by the way, I figured out a little secret with that, so stay tuned!

So the summer dress that I was admiring for weeks did, in fact, give me the coverage I need and the length was perfect when worn with heels…done and done!

Summer Maxi Dress, Summer Dress, Maxi Dress, Summer Style, White House Black Market Dress

  White Pants after Labor Day

So the age-old conundrum, can you wear white after Labor Day? Is it still a question? Well, here’s my take.  I don’t think it is a hard and fast rule any longer if it ever was. The fact is white pants are not absolutely out of the question come September. It really comes down to the weather and maybe even which coast you’re on. This weekend in California was a great example the weather was cooperating, it was warm and sunny and white pants seemed to be the best choice for the day. In this case, I wore it with a navy blue linen tunic.

White Pants. Navy Blue Lined Top, White Cropped Pants, White Pants After Labor Day

White Pants. Navy Blue Linen Top, White Cropped Pants, White Pants After Labor Day

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