Petite Sizes, Are you really a petite, should you be wearing petite sizes, how to avoid alterations

Should You Be Wearing Petite Sizes?

October 3, 2017

Do you normally buy ‘regular’ sizes? Do you find that you always have to get your pants altered or even worse do it yourself? For so many years I have wasted a lot of money, time and aggravation on alterations. I just recently had an epiphany on how to avoid this. So often we get stuck in buying what we’re used to buying. I have always bought regular sizes so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? But it is “broke” the clothes, especially pants, do not fit if they have to be hemmed. It’s time to use the options that clothing manufacturers give you. Those choices are petite and short sizing. There are some common misconceptions regarding petite sizing. Read on, you may be surprised that petite sizing can work for you.  

Petite Sizes, Are you really a petite, should you be wearing petite sizes, how to avoid alterations


To Hem or Not to Hem

Last year I bought some awesome Joe’s jeans, my favorite brand for boot cuts (I highly recommend the honey booty style)! After I bought them, they sat there for weeks, while I debated whether I was going to have them altered or do it myself. When doing it yourself you really need to know what you’re doing or your jeans will look like they were hemmed. And when It comes to altering jeans it’s not just a matter of folding and sewing. You want the end result to look like you bought them that way. Why can’t we buy them that way?

Well, we can.

I think so many of us tend to buy and shop the way we always shop. But if you really think about it, we have choices and chances to avoid those pesky alteration fees. Those choices are in the form of petite and short sizing. 

Why not try on a petite size?

Just recently, I bought a new pair of pants from Banana Republic. While trying to figure out my size and fit I decided to give the petite fit a try. Wow, what a difference. The fit was perfect, there was nothing about the fit that I didn’t like. Unfortunately, the specific fit/fabric that I wanted did not come in petite, so I tried my size in “short”. That worked too! I finally found my solution to ending alteration fees for good.

Petite Sizes, Are you really a petite, should you be wearing petite sizes, how to avoid alterations


Petite and short are not created equal

It’s important to note that petite and short are not synonymous. There is an important difference. While petite pants have shorter inseams as well as shorter rises, short sized pants are only shorter in length. So depending on your own body proportions you may feel a palpable difference. I find that I like how petite pants fit me, however, I do feel a difference when it comes to tops. I personally don’t like how petite tops feel on me. They tend to feel a little more snug on the shoulder and the arm length is always a deal breaker. Again, this is just about body proportions. The sleeves hit right at my wrists which I hate,  I like my cuffs to extend just slightly past my wrists, personal preference.

Petite Does Not Mean Size 0

Another common misconception is that petite sizes are only for size 0 or 2. This is not true. Petite sizes can range from 0-16. Remember, it’s not about your weight, it is about body proportions and height. Petite pants, for example, are made for women who are 5’3 or shorter.

Petite tops and dresses have shorter sleeve lengths, shorter torso measurements and some may even be a bit more narrow in the shoulders.

Nothing about fashion is one size fits all and we have more options than we realize. If something isn’t working for you, you can almost always find an alternative. Sometimes in the alternatives, we also find better options.

Tired of constantly hemming your pants?

Try on a petite size, you might be surprised.


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