Pretty In Pink

So a few weeks ago Louis and I were on a lunch date.  After lunch, we walked around the mall with no particular agenda.  We walked through the women’s shoe department and he asked me if I saw anything I liked or wanted. (I know, I’m lucky like that).  So, trying to be practical, I picked up a black pump.  I actually needed to replace my black pumps so this was a good opportunity. Louis, however, saw this pretty baby and insisted that I try it on.  I did, and I loved it!  These Sam Edelman’s are the best pumps ever.  I seriously want one in every color.  They are extremely comfortable, I wore them for a 7-hour stretch and I didn’t have to hobble home or buy 4 kinds of inserts to make it bearable. “The Hazel” looks like it is a basic item that is always in the Sam Edelman line and of course the colors will vary by season.  

Sam Edelman Hazel Hot Pink Suede