Chanel Style Jackets Fall 2017

September 9, 2017

A Brief Fashion History Lesson

Any fashionista worth her sartorial salt will tell you that the Chanel Jacket is one of the most iconic pieces in fashion history.  First introduced in 1954, Coco Chanel’s intention was to give women significantly more freedom in their clothing. Her vision was to release women from the waist cinching, restrictive styles of that era.  


The Chanel Jacket

Over the last 60 or so years fashions have come and gone, but nothing has stood the test of time like the Chanel jacket.  It is arguably one item that will never go out of style.  

The Chanel jacket is gorgeous and definitely on many a wish list.  However, with its high-end price tag, it may be egregiously out of many budgets.

When I was revamping the basics in my wardrobe, the Chanel style jacket was on my wish list as well. I was happy to discover that just as it inspired my style it also continually inspires designers as well. Year after year, someone or some brand is always bringing it back.  

Fall 2017 is no exception!

With new fall fashions hitting the stores I’ve noticed many of these jackets, maybe even more than usual.

How Does This Apply To You?

The good news is, applying this to your wardrobe is easy.  A good jacket should be a part of your basic wardrobe which we discussed (Here). This type of jacket can be easily dressed up with a skirt (think circle or pencil) or dressed down with jeans and a t shirt! This type of jacket looks ah-mazing with jeans and a T.  Throw in a pair of heels and the end result is hopelessly chic and even better, it is always in style. 

Chanel Style Jacket, Black Jacket with Jeans, Jacket and T Shirt with Jeans


I prefer wearing this jacket with jeans, mainly because that’s my life.  I wear jeans daily, and a Chanel style jacket is great when I need a little extra tszuj!

Chanel Style Jacket, Black Jacket with Jeans, Jacket and T-Shirt with Jeans


Chanel Style Jacket, Black Jacket with Jeans, Jacket and T Shirt with Jeans

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  1. Hello Sharon,
    I feel in love with the Chanel suit when I got into my later twenties. Before then, I didn’t understand fashion and lines (it was a sad time lol). But this jacket is so beautiful in its simplicity and symmetry. It really does add that extra oomph to your jeans.
    I love it’s versatility because you can wear it with jeans, the little black dress or a skirt. Just amazing.
    Loved this post!
    Jennifer Lynn

    1. Jennifer,
      I completely agree I love the clean lines on this jacket. I searched for a very long time and I was so happy to find this, a perfect jacket with good longevity and a lot of versatility like you said! Glad you liked the post, thanks for the feedback! Stay tuned:)

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