The Secret To Always Having Something to Wear

August 14, 2017

Anyone with a pulse has run across an article, print or digital, about the essential pieces of a good wardrobe.  The fact is this idea has caught on because it makes sense.  If you start with a good foundation you can build on that at your own pace, maybe follow along with trends, and still be able to find something to wear when you need it and more often than not you need it now. The worst thing is when you have a date night with the hubby and after ransacking your closet, you end up wearing the same outfit you wore to that kids birthday party last weekend. We’ve all been there.  The same 4 or 5 pieces on repeat and not in a good way.  

The other day I was thinking about this article and I realized that many of these articles focus on professional wardrobes. My thought process then went to the SAHM like me.  What do I wear and why. We’re not sitting at a desk all day dealing with other adults.  We want to be comfortable getting down on the ground to chase those chubby baby legs around and not pitch a fit if we get some pureed carrot on our shirt.

So the first thing is to take stock, which we’ve talked about before (here)  Figure out what you have, what you’re comfortable with and go from there.  The most important part of this process is to be realistic.  Don’t kid yourself, kidding yourself is how you end up with nothing to wear.

If you do the SAHM thing like June Cleaver and that’s what you’re comfortable in then you don’t need me, carry on. If you find yourself wearing your husband’s t shirt with some old pair of pajama bottoms everyday …read on.

Bear in mind this is not a list for a completed wardrobe.  This is the basic wardrobe that you can and will build on.


Let be real here.  Jeans were a gift from the ancient aliens. They are comfortable, casual and getting the right fit and size will make you feel great. I’ve already told you about my love affair with my boyfriend jeans.  But to be honest I have an entire jeans wardrobe.  Why? Because I was realistic about my life and my comfort. A quick note here.  I’m all for trends, but there’s no shame in sticking with what you’re comfortable in.  I have the boyfriends and skinny’s, but I also have the boot cuts.  No one has talked about boot cuts in quite a few seasons, but I don’t care.  They make me look good and they’ll probably have to be pried out of my cold dead hands.


Ok so anyone who knows me, knows about my crazy t shirt habit. It’s a sickness… really. I have black (like 10 of them, don’t judge) gray, white, and navy. But again, it works. Jeans and a T shirt are like macaroni and cheese, so easy and oh so comfy.  As long as they are in good shape, and not worn out, you’re golden. And please no t shirts that say things, this keeps your wardrobe much more versatile. You would be surprised how you can quickly elevate a look by just throwing a jacket over it.


Speaking of jackets.  You have a meet and greet with your child’s new teacher, what do you wear? Here’s an idea, jeans, t shirt and a jacket. A good jacket is a great way to elevate a casual everyday look and look instantly polished.

Button Down Shirt

Ok, this one can be your choice of color.  I like them all, I have them all, all being white, light blue and black. A button down shirt will work nicely with other pieces in your closet, for example, the jeans or black pants. If you choose 3 colors of shirts with the 2 pants that’s 6 outfits right there!

Little Black Dress

Everyone needs a little black dress. You never know what can pop up in life.  Any kind of formal event, funerals, weddings, even date night. The trick is to buy something that’s versatile and makes you feel great.

Tailored Pants

All you need is one. Again, you can go with any color.  Keep in mind that when choosing these items the trick is to make sure it all coordinates with each other. Making the colors and styles work together is what gives you endless options.

Important Things To Remember

Buy machine washable pieces, where applicable. With what we do in the course of a day this is the only way to go. Easy care takes the anxiety out of dressing well.

Make sure all pieces coordinate with each other, this is important. One shirt that can lend itself to 3 different looks keeps you looking great without breaking the bank.

When building your basics try to stay away from overly trendy pieces. You want classic and timeless for your basics! Once a trend has run its course you won’t want to wear it. That’s also how you end up with nothing to wear.  You can always add in trendy pieces every season to keep your wardrobe fresh.


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  1. OMG, thank you so much for this post!!! Seriously–nobody talks about how to be better dressed when you have nowhere to wear nice clothes to, so you just wear pj’s or sweatpants every day, lol! I love the idea of the jacket–never thought of it (maybe bc I live in Houston and it’s friggin humid and mostly hot year round?) so maybe I can find the equivalent for that kind of weather! But totally agree on the jeans! The ones with spandex in them are definitely from Heaven! 🙂

    1. Stella,
      So glad you liked it! I used to live in Alabama, so I completely understand the humidity issue. For the summer months, I tend to go with loose fitting tops and linen pants. If you like the jacket idea, perhaps go for an unlined jacket, that will give you the look without being too heavy:)

  2. Great tips! I LOVE throwing a simple jacket over anything – it’s amazing how you instantly look smart and feel confident. My favourite one is in salmon pink, it seems to go perfectly with everything!

    1. Melitta,
      Yes! jackets instantly pull a look together. Look out for my next post, it’s about Chanel inspired jackets for fall!

  3. The LBD is a hard one. I have yet to find one that works for me. I sew and have a wardrobe of pencil skirts made from fabric with a bit of stretch. With a plain T they are very versatile and easy to throw on.

    1. Gillian,
      Yes, for an LBD to work for everything it must be the right one. I really love the Maggy London dress I show in my widget on the post. It is gorgeous, priced right and looks great on! I like the idea of the pencil skirt with a T.

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